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    Chart of the Day: US growth holding up well in Q2.
    The NY Fed’s Nowcast suggests a Q2 GDP growth rate of 2.1% as of last week, and a 2.0% growth rate in Q3.  The data last week suggested a modest downwards reivsion to GDP.  The largest negative contributions came from manufacturing data, only partly offset by positive news from retail sales and housing data. https://www.newyorkfed.org/research/policy/nowcast […]
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    Chart of the Day - US Rates during Recessions
    Chart of the day.. This one comes form www.bondvigilantes.com, the excellent website written by M&G. IF the fed funds rate is at 0.50% currently, and the US gets hit by a recession, would the US also pursue negative rates?
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    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 20-Jun-2016
    The Week Ahead in the markets 20-June-2016   Brexit the Focus:  For much of this week the financial markets will worry about Brexit, the unfortunate events last week related to MP Jo Cox have given the “remain” camp a boost, but most polls are still too close to call. Central Bankers speak: There are several […]
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    Chart of the day: German Yields Turn negative
    Chart of the Day from www.investing.com (via the Daily Shot) German yields enter negative territory.. why? PIMCO in their blog explains that there are three reasons. 1. active monetary policy in a world when bond supply and demand is not balance. 2. could mean people are forecasting a significant ecnoomic decilne or deflation. 3. if […]
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    Chart of the Day: China Growth Stabilized in Q1
    Chart of the Day from Bloomberg.com 14-June-2016 Their tracker of China Growth seems to have stabilized somewhat  
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    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 14-Jun-2016
    The Week Ahead 14-June-2016 Key Points…. 1. Focus on Brexit:  The near term focus will be on any Brexit polls, and growing anxieties that the “leave” vote will surpass the “stay” vote, which will cause significant long term market turmoil globally. 2. Polls are not good news for GBP: Brexit anxieties are likely to keep […]
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    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 29-Feb-2016
    The Week Ahead in Markets 29-Mar-2016   India Union budget (Monday) US Employment report on Friday; Payrolls seen +193k, unemployment rate at 4.9% and earnings up 0.2%. China PMI data on Tuesday China People’s Consultative Conference (Thurs); National People’s Congress convenes Saturday Europe Inflation data on Monday Super Tuesday U.S. Presidential primaries. Earnings: Valeant, NRG […]
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    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 22-Feb-2016
    The Week Ahead in Markets 22 February 2016   G-20 FinMin and Central bankers meet in Shanghai Feb 26-27 Oil: Houston Energy conf (Monday); CS energy forum (Tue) UK PM Cameron addresses parliament on Brexit Venezuela $1.5 bln debt payment (Friday). Fed Speakers: KC Fed Pre George, St L Fed pres Bullard, SF Fed Pres […]
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    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 15-Feb-2016
    The Week Ahead in the Markets 15 February 2016 China’s markets reopen… Oil: IEA-IEF-OPEC symposium in Saudi Arabia US markets closed on Monday Fed Speakers: Philadelphia Fed Harker (Tue), Minn Fed Pres Kashkari (Tue), Boston fed President Rosengren, St Louis Fed Pres Bullard, SF Fed Pres Williams, Cleveland Fed Pres Mester Earnings: Priceline, T-Mobile, Noble […]
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    This Week in the Markets 10-Feb-2016
    This week events   10-Feb-2016   Key Event: Janet Yellen before the House Financial Services Committee (Feb 10) and Senate (Feb 11).  We suspect he dovishness will give the markets a breather. Fed Speakers: SF Fed Pres Williams (Wed), NY Fed Dudley (Fri) Oil: OPEC Monthly oil report (Wed) Earnings: Time Warner, Cisco, Prudential, Expedia, […]
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    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 1-Feb-2016
    The Week Ahead in Markets 1-Feb-2016   US employment report on Friday: 190k payrolls and unch unemployment rate of 5% — data will be weather impacted. China Caixin and Official Manufacturing PMI (Mon) China Services PMI (Wed) Oil: many US oil companies reporting earnings. Fed officials:  Fed VC Fischer on Monday, KC Pre George on […]
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    Outlook for Fed Policy 26-Jan-2016
    What will the Fed do this week? 26-Jan-2016 Mohamed El-Erian in his Bloomberg column gives a nice summary of what will happen at the FOMC meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. His full article his here.. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2016-01-25/what-the-fed-will-and-won-t-do-this-week He summarizes the view in four straightforward points. The Fed won’t raise interest rates The Fed […]
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    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 25-Jan-2016
    The Week Ahead 25-Jan-2016   Oil: Iran President Rouhani visits Italy and France, Mexico holds an energy conference, Kuwait Petroleum conference, US EIA oil and gas inventory report (Thurs), petroleum supply monthly data (Fri) China FX and equities FOMC meeting on Tue/Wed ECB’s Draghi speaks on Monday in Germany Earnings: Haliburton, McDonalds, Freeport, J&G, P&G, […]
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    Deeper Thoughts on the Market 21-Jan-2016
    Some Deeper Thoughts on the Market 21-Jan-2016 Reading the daily (or intraday) news on the market doesn’t necessarily make you have a deeper understanding of the markets.  And its very frustrating.   That is why it is refreshing to read longer pieces about the market from people like Howard Marks from Oaktree.   He writes a quarterly […]
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    Global Market Outlook - 18-Jan-2016
    Global Market Outlook 18-Jan-2016 Oil: Iran news, OPEC releases monthly oil market report. Handelsblatt Energy Conference. US inventory report (Thurs), statements out of Russia. China FX and equities ECB, EC and IMF officials visit Greece Earnings Season: Charles Schwab, BofA, MS, Netflix, IBM, Unilever and Delta Airlines (Tue), GS, Kinder Morgan (Wed), Verizon, Amex, Travelers, […]
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    The S&P500 and the Shanghai Composite
    The S&P500 and the Shanghai composite… are they really that correlated? 13 Jan 2016   Good article by Marc Chandler on www.marctomarket.com.  He discusses the correlation between US and Chinese markets. He points out that there is a chart making the rounds showing the S&P 500 moving in tandem with the Shanghai Composite. However, if […]
  • phto_blog_11_jan_2016
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 11-Jan-2016
    The Week Ahead in Markets   11-Jan-2016     Oil prices… technicals, the EIA releases its monthly energy short term outlook, and there is an energy forum in the UAE with several top Gulf oil officials. China FX and equities Earnings Season begins in the US with Alcoa (Monday), CSX (Tue), Freeport McMoran (Tue), JP […]
  • photo_blog_4_jan_2016
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 04-Jan-2016
    The Week Ahead in Markets 4-Jan-2016   Oil prices to drive market action early in the week:  Deterioration in Saud-Iran relation with the Saudi’s breaking diplomatic ties with Iran.  Also, API hold annual event on Tuesday.  EIA oil inventory report (Wed) Brazil has about $38 bln in local and foreign bond maturing this week. Biggest […]
  • mandg
    How to Deal with High Yield Portfolios? 28-December-2015
    How to Deal with the liquidity issues of High Yield Bond Portfolios 28 December 2015 M&G Bond experts in their website BOND VIGILANTES write a very simple and sensible article about high yield bonds, in terms of ways to improve the liquidity profile of the high yield portfolio.  In fact they point out that “In today’s […]
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    The Inflation Debate Explained 22-Dec-2015
    The Inflation Debate Explained Dec 22, 2015 There has been a lot of talk on whether the Fed needed to raise rates last week, given the tame inflation outlook.  There is also a lot of talk on whether Japan and Europe need to do more to prevent inflation from falling into negative territory again. There […]
  • Moodys
    Moody's on Fed Policy and the Fixed Income Outlook for 2016 18-Dec-2015
    Moody’s Weighs in on Fed Policy and the Fixed Income Outlook for 2016 18-Dec-2015 The first Fed rate hike has come and gone, and now the financial markets are looking forward to how many more Fed tightenings will take place in the next few years.    Estimates are somewhere from 2-4 this year, and a similar […]
  • Photo_BLog_16_Dec_2015
    Some Thoughts on High Yield Markets 16-Dec-2015
    How to View the Latest Developments in the High Yield Markets 16-Dec-2015 There is a good article on Bloomberg View by one of their most well known contributors, Mohamed El-Erian.  In his essay “Nine Lesson From Third Avenue’s Liquidation” he writes about the consequences of the suspension of redemptions at Third Avenue, its impact on […]
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    How Rising US rates Affects Emerging Markets - 14-Dec-2015
    Taper Tantrum: rising US interest rates and how it affects Emerging Markets. – originally written on June 2, 2014 The IMF, in their April Regional Outlook for the Western Hemisphere, examined the impact of a sudden change in U.S. interest rates on financial markets in emerging markets economies. Although emerging markets have reduced their exposure […]
  • Blog_bloombergonblack_Dec_11_2014
    An Interview with Laurence Fink and the View for 2015- December 11, 2015
    And Interview with Laurence Fink and the View for 2015 A good Bloomberg interview with Laurence Fink of Blackrock on “The Risks and Returns in 2015”.  The below video on Bloomberg carries the interview. http://www.bloomberg.com/video/blackrock-ceo-larry-fink-on-stocks-bonds-regulation-fed-KTfLNDm2RhK6RoHbNKzMzA.html He basically said… He is positive on equities for 2015 but expected muted gains. He expected Long term rates to […]
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    Another Read: Advice for Emerging Markets as we approach Fed tightening.... 9-Dec-2015
    Emerging Markets and Fed Rate Hikes.   A good article on how the emerging markets should prepare for an eventual Fed rate hike, by Shang-Jin Wei, the Chief Economist at the Asian Development Bank and the head of its Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department. The essay is here: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/when-the-fed-raises-interest-rates-external-shocks-by-shang-jin-wei-2015-09 He makes a few good […]
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    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 7-Dec-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets 7 Dec 2015 Oil prices: OPEC publishes its monthly oil market report. Data: China FX reserves (Mon), U of Michigan Consumer sentiment index (Fri); US retail sales (Fri), German Ind Prod (Mon), Euro Area GDP Q3 (Tue), China inflation (Wed), Brazil inflation (Thur), China Money Supply (Thurs), Turkey GDP (Thurs), […]
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    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 30-Nov-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets 30 November 2015   ECB meeting on December 3rd. (Thursday) OPEC meeting on December 4th (Friday) US employment report on December 4th (Friday) Fed Chair Janet Yellen testifies before Congress Thursday on the US economic outlook (also gives speech on Wednesday) Central banks:  ECB, Canada, India and Australia. BOE publishes […]
  • photo_blog_25_nov_2015
    The Relationship between Commodities and the USD 25-Nov-2015
    The USD and Commodities: Inverse relationship, most of the time. Nov 25, 2015 The S&P indexology blog has an interesting article on the relationship between the USD and commodities.   The markets generally assume an inverse relationship between commodities and the USD, but this short article gives some more interesting details about this inverse relationship.   […]
  • blog_photo_nov_22_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 22-Nov-2015
    The week ahead in the markets 23 Nov 2015   Quiet markets in the US:  US Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, big shopping day on Friday (Black Friday) China: Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges double margin requirements beginning Monday to curb leveraged wagers and prevent equity market bubbles.  JP Morgan says impact should be limited. Politics: […]
  • Blogt_Pic_Oct_26_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 9-Nov-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets Nov 9, 2015   Singles Day in China – huge shopping day (Nov 11). Alibaba biggest sales day. Earnings season in the US:  Priceline (Mon), DR Horton (Tue), McDonalds (analyst day), Vodaphone, Sumitomo Metal, San Miguel, Vivendi, Macy’s (Wed), Nordstrom, Cisco (Thurs), Banco do Brasil, Rusal, Siemens, Merck, SABMiller, JC […]
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    SF Fed on a few tools that do not help forecasting inflation - 5-November-2015
    Confusion about US Inflation? Two pieces from the SF Fed on a few tools that do not necessarily help in forecasting inflation. 4-Nov-2015   Article 1: US wages are not very good signalling future inflation.   A consensus survey of Blue Chip Forecasters, or even the Fed 2% target are better measures… Here is the full […]
  • blog_photo_nov_2_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 02 Nov-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets Nov 2, 2015   Earnings season  continues:  DBS, HSBC, Nissan, Commerzbank, Visa, Estee Lauder (Mon), Fitbit (Mon); Kellogg, Tesla, BMW, UBS (Tue); Allergan, Time Warner, Marathon Oil, Facebook (Wed); Disney, Celgene, Tata Steel, Alstom, Toyota, Deutsche Telekom, SocGen (Thurs), ArcelorMittal, Cigna, Telecom Italia, Allianz, Berkshire Hathaway (Fri) US Employment Data […]
  • Brazil
    What is happening in Brazil 29-Oct-2015
    What is happening in Brazil? 29 Oct 2015 The Brazilian economy and markets are under a great deal of pressure.  There is a great article discussing the main difficulties by a Brazilian fund manager who write occasionally on the www.bondvigilantes.com website.     In her write up, PM Claudia Callich points out the following problems. Brazil: caught […]
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    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 26-Oct-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets Oct 26, 2015   Earnings season in the US: Broadcom, Apple (Tue), Merck (Tue), Bristol-Meyers (Tue), Gilead (Tue),Pfizer (Tue), Twitter (Tue), Walgreens, General Dynamics and GoPro (Wed), Starbucks, McKesson (Thurs), DB (Thur), Petrochina (Thurs), ANZ, Bank of China, Sinopec (Thurs), Chevron, CVSHealth, ABInBev (Friday). China meeting for Fifth plenum (Oct […]
  • blog_picture_21_Oct_2015
    China Rebalancing, a more positive view 21-Oct-2015
    China Rebalancing October 21, 2015 The report on China’s Q3 GDP growth reported on Monday was generally read pessimistically by the major news organizations, and by many economists as well. A less negative reading on China’s growth story appeared in from Matthews Asia website, in an essay written by their long term China expert Andy […]
  • photo_blog_19_Oct_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 19-Oct-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets Oct 19 2015   Earnings season in the US – a very busy week – Haliburton, Valeant, IBM, Verizon, Boeing, GM, Alphabet (Google), 3M, Microsoft, Amazon, Caterpillar, McDonalds, American Airlines, P&G, CS, Daimler, BoNY, United Continental, Southwest Airlines, Amex. China Q3 GDP on Monday morning.  Likely below 7%. Also releasing […]
  • Blog_picture_12_Oct_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 12-Oct-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets 12-Oct-2015 Earnings season in the US: J&J (Tue), JP Morgan (Tue), Intel (Tue),  Delta Airlines (Wed),  BofA and Wells Fargo (Wed),  GS and Citi (Thurs), Schlumberger (Thurs), GE and Honeywell (Fri). China 5th Plenum – 13th 5-year plan to be discussed.  Watch for revisions to growth expectations, SOE reform measures […]
  • Blog_Photo_5_Oct_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 5-Oct-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets Oct 6 2015   Earnings season in the US starts: Pepsico, Yum! (KFC), Monsanto, Dominos, Alcoa (Thursday – co broke up into 2 companies), Stratasys (3D printing), Tesco IMF releases World Economic Outlook leading into the Oct 9-11 IMF/World Bank meetings. Fed Officials Speak: KC president George, SF Fed Prsident […]
  • blog_photo_Sep_28_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 28-Sep-2015
    Key factors in the week ahead Sep 28, 2015   US employment data due on Friday.  Nonfarm payrolls survey suggest a gain of 220k, the unemployment rate expected at 5.1%.  This time around the market will also focus on the earnings data reported with the employment report. China OFFICIAL Sep Manufacturing PMI data on Thursday. […]
  • phto_blog_21_Sep_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 21-Sep-2015
    Some events for the week ahead..   Greece Elections: PM Tsipras and his Syriza party appear to have won, but without a majority.  Still it’s a good sign in terms of the European bailout package.  Voter fatigue significant, and voter turnout low, suggesting reform measures are going to be increasingly tougher to pass. Japan PM […]
  • blog_photo_16_sep_2015
    Suggestions for Emerging Markets when the Fed Rate Hike Finally Comes.. 16-Sep-2015
    Emerging Markets and Fed Rate Hikes.   A good article on how the emerging markets should prepare for an eventual Fed rate hike, by Shang-Jin Wei, the Chief Economist at the Asian Development Bank and the head of its Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department. The essay is here: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/when-the-fed-raises-interest-rates-external-shocks-by-shang-jin-wei-2015-09 He makes a few good […]
  • photo_blog_18_Sep_2015
    Some Quick Thoughts on the Fed....
    Quick Thoughts on the Fed…. The Fed decided not to raise interest rates, but hinted at a rate hike sometime later this year.  Based on the comments from the Fed, we suspect that nothing will change significantly in the next six weeks (when the next FOMC takes place) so December seems like a more likely […]
  • photo_blog_sep_14_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 14-Sep-2015
    The Week Ahead   14-Sep-2015   Not surprising that the market will focus very closely on the FOMC meeting: Starts Wednesday, ends Thursday: markets believe that the fed will delay the rate hike until later in the year, Wall Street economists are divided.   US data: retail sales, Ind Production, CPI, Housing starts.  With the […]
  • blog_pic_31_Aug_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 31-Aug-2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets.. August 31, 2015   What are we looking at this week? Big China Military Parademarking the end of WWII on Thursday; are all the stories in the press true, about wanting to maintain stock market stability ahead of this parade?   US Economic data: August employment report will be […]
  • blog_pic_24_aug_2015
    Some Thoughts on the Markets 24-Aug-2015
    Market  Thoughts After the Friday Sell off… August 2015   Markets are in a bad mood: Equity market sentiment is negative and its best not to fight it.   But underlying fundamentals are not as bad as the markets are signalling.  Government policies around the world are still supportive of the markets.    Once the correction […]
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    The Week Ahead in Markets - 2-Aug-2015
    The Week Ahead Aug 2 2015 Last week… S&P fell on Friday, but ended up  2% in July.  Utilities were up 5.9% in July, Energy stocks were down 7.8%.   The DJIA ended July up 0.4% and NASDAQ up 2.8% Energy companies earnings reports showed that they got hit by lower oil prices, bracing for an […]
  • China_Blog_Pic_30_Jul_2015
    How does China market intervention differ from that seen in the West?
    China Markets in Perspective.. There is an interesting article by Stephen Roach (ex-Morgan Stanley, now at Yale University) on the intervention by the Chinese authorities in the equity markets recently. He is able to move beyond the knee jerk reaction of most market observers and provides a bit more perspective on the reasons for intervention, how […]
  • photo_blog_july_6_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 06-Jul-2015
    Week Ahead in the Markets July 6, 2015 Firstly…… Greece voted “no” in their referendum,  61% to 39% – a decisive result.. busy days ahead for European leaders… First reaction is a “risk off trade” – Europe equities down (DAX futures reportedly down 4%),  EUR down (-1.1%), US equity futures down (-1%) US Treasuries up […]
  • Greece_pic
    Good Reading on the Greek Crisis July 1 2015
    July 1, 2015   Here are some pieces of good reading on Greece.  Despite the minute to minute changes taking place, these essays provide a good backdrop to the crisis and interesting comparisons to other eras.   The Difficult Choices Facing the Greeks – Martin Wolf You have to have a subscription to the FT.com […]
  • blog_nov_24_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets June 29 2015
    The Week Ahead.   June 29, 2015   Last Week in Equities US stocks closed lower for the week amid Greece, earnings. DJIA and S&P500 ended the week down 0.4%, the NASDAQ down 0.71% Nike rose 4.3% to $109.71 Friday boosting the DJIA after reporting better than expected profits despite the slowdown in China, the […]
  • pimco
    PIMCO Long Term Views on Credit
    PIMCO Long Term Credit Views June 23, 2015   The PIMCO website carries an interview with Mark R Kiesel, CIO Global Credit for PIMCO.  Although PIMCO has been battered in the press over the past year or so, their insights are still top quality, in particular from distinguished strategists like Mark Kiesel.   He highlighted some […]
  • BLog_pic_22_june_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 22-Jun-2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets June 22, 2015 Equities US stocks ended the week up 0.76%, though fell 1% on Friday on anxieties about Greece and quarterly options and futures expirations date. NASDAQ composite closed at a record, surpassing its all time high set in intraday trade during the tech bubble.  It is up […]
  • blog_picture_15_june_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 15-June-2015
    Last week in Equity Markets… June 15, 2015   US equities – S&P500 fell 0.7% on Friday but ended the week little changed at 2,094. The S&P energy index was the worst performer last week (-0.9%), financials the best performers  (+1%).   US Retail sales for May continued to strengthen and surprised on the upside. […]
  • Blog_apr_27_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 27-Apr-2015
    Equities…. US Markets ended the week higher, with companies generally doing better than the (lowered) forecasts.  The highlight was that after 15 years, the NASDAQ set a record high close, surpassing the highs of March 2000.  The index was lifted by the performance of shares of Amazon, Microsoft, Mattel, etc that were up more than […]
  • Blog_Mach_30_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 30-Mar-2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets   Last week…. US and European equities rebounded on Friday, but ended the week lower,  as oil prices dipped and investors digested comments by Fed Chair Yellen. Both CNBC and FT reported that Apple got its first $1 trln valuation on Wall Street from Cantor Fitzgerald.   They see Aple […]
  • blog_photo_March_23_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 23-Mar-2015
    Last Week… U.S. stocks surge on weaker dollar; Dow, S&P break 3 week losing streak.  Energy stocks were up 2.6% for the week. Meanwhile, NASDAQ closes at 5,026 near its 15 year record high (of 5,048). CNBC Notes that NASDAQ is trading at 28.3x earnings vs 151.7x in 1999.  And now NASDAQ has less tech […]
  • Blog_photo__March_02_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 02-March-2015
    Last week in the markets… S&P500 had a good February, gaining over 5.5%; The NASDAQ was unable to break 5,000 last week, but everyone is watching it.  Meanwhile, Brent oil rose 17%  during the month (meanwhile WTI was up  2%).  Finally the USD was up less than 1% during February. Interestingly enough, the Russian Ruble […]
  • Blog_Picture_23_Feb_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 23-February-2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets Feb 23, 2015 Equities S&P500 set record highs on Friday after the Greece – Eurozone creditors deal on Friday NASDAQ within a few points of 5,000, the Apple Effect?  By this we mean that the companies atop the NASDAQ actually produce stuff and are aggressively expanding revenue growth, companies […]
  • oil_picture_for_blog_Nov_27_2014
    What Now For Oil? A Good Independent View - 17-Feb-2015
    A Good Independent View on Oil Going Forward…. (Feb 2015) McGraw-Hill’s S&P Capital IQ unit wrote an interesting newsletter Sector IQ ENERGY all about oil.  It can found here. http://www.spcapitaliq.com/our-thinking/ideas/sector-iq-energy-issue-3-waiting-for-the-spring-where-will-oil-prices-go-has-oil-reached-a-bottom-will-prices-spring-back The make a few interesting points…   The decline in oil prices was going to happen:   “Although the big price drop clearly surprised many in […]
  • blog_picture_16_Feb_2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 16-Feb-2015
    The week ahead in the Markets.  (Feb 15, 2025) Equities S&P500 ended at record highs, boosted by the rebound in energy and materials stocks, and stronger than expected European Growth;  Greek news  (ECB expanded its emergency laon facility to Greece by EUR5) and the Ukraine cease fire news also helped. The rebound in crude oil […]
  • Divergence_photo_for_blog
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 09-Feb-2015
    The Week Ahead in the Markets Feb 9, 2015 Last week..   The US equity market put in a decent performance after struggling in January:  The FT said  “US Stocks have best week since December, advancing 2.9% for the week despite the 0.3% slide on Friday”   The US employment report showed broadbased strength.  Job […]
  • Blog_Picture_WEF_Jan_2015
    World Economic Forum Risks Identified for 2015
    Global Risks 2015   The World Economic Forum annual risk report always makes for depressing reading. Even though its done at a very macro level, it still manages to capture the great worries of the year (and the next decade).    The list of risks comes from an extensive survey they conduct with leaders and key […]
  • blog_-_Janus_Jan_15_2015
    Bill Gross Unconstrained Bond Fund Reaches $1 bln...
    Bill Gross, the supercycle and his fund…. Jan 14, 2015 Various news websites report that Janus bond guru Bill Gross is calling for an end to the bond market rally and asset classes will fall drastically.   He favors safe investment grade bonds, treasuries, and equities of companies with low debt and attractive dividends.   It’s the […]
  • blog_photo_jan_12_2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 12-Jan-2015
    The Week Ahead in Markets Jan 12, 2015 Equity US equity markets have started the year on a weak note. European and Japanese equity markets have also started weak China  equity markets continue doing remarkably well. Fixed Income The Safer bonds have started out strongly… US Treasury Bond Index YTD = 1.26% US investment Grade […]
  • Oaktree_image
    Another Good Read on the Oil Markets and Investor Psychology - 22 December 2014
    Another Good Read from Oaktree’s Howard Marks   Oaktree Capital provides access “Memos From Our Chairman” on their website; the memos are written by Oaktree’s chairman, Howard Marks.  They are truly interesting essays on the markets, and provide a good view of global events from the point of view of an institutional investor like Oaktree.  […]
  • Divergence_photo_for_blog
    Divergence is the word for 2015 - 18 December -2014
    Divergence is the word for 2015 It seems that so far the favourite word used to describe the outlook for 2015 is “divergence” of one sort or another .   2014 was one which divergence referred to the trends in developed markets vs emerging markets, but it seem seems we are moving towards more divergences.  As […]
  • Blog_dec_15_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 15-Dec-2014
    Last Week in Equities It was not a good week for US Equity Markets.  The S&P500 was down 3.5% last week, the DJIA -3.7% and the NASDAQ down less than 3%.   The S&P is now up 8.5% for the year. European Equitis markets also got hit, although they saw some bad data as well, including […]
  • photo_blog_dec_8_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 08-Dec-2014
    Week Ahead in the Markets   Equity Markets Another Week US markets set a record high DJIA +1.02% for the week S&P500 +1.07% for the week NASDAQ +0.55% for the week   RoW Equities mostly up as well, with a few exceptions Canada -1% Brazil -0.5% Russia -3% Turkey -1% India -0.2% (data from investing.com) […]
  • blog_Dec_2_2014
    More People are Worried about the Fixed Income Market - 3 Decmeber -2014
    More People Worrying about the Fixed Income Market, especially in Europe – December 3, 2014 A rather interesting research report done by ICMA (International Capital Market Association),that was originally flagged in an FT article by Andrew Bolger on November 25th (“Traders Credit Market Concerns Grow”).  The article refers to a study conducted by the ICMA […]
  • photo_for_blog_nov_3_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 01 Dec-2014
    Last Week…. US Equity Markets ended flat: DJIA +0.1%, S&P500+0.2% and NASDAQ +2% The big mover in the Equity markets was the China Market which posted big gain last week, up more than 7% after the PBOC lowered interest rates. The Big Story Last Week was the Sharp Decline in oil Prices; OPEC decided not […]
  • photo_for_blog_oct_20_2014
    The Philosopohy of Venture Capital Investments
    The philosophy of venture capitalist investments…. The Founders Fund manifesto, which starts out with the question  “what happened to the future?”  is a fascinating document that discusses the role of venture capital and how they should approach investing; they suggest that VCs need to  “invest in real technologies, invest in companies with audacious visions seeking […]
  • blog_nov_24_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 24-November-2014
    Last week… Another  good week,  US markets set a record high.  For the year, DJIA is up 8%, while the S&P500 and NASDAQ are up 12%. China Equity Market Stages a recovery on Friday after PBOC announces rate cut US Treasuries consolidating around 2.31%; benefits from rate cuts in China and ECB statements. Meanwhile the […]
  • capital
    FT Book of the Year
    Book of the Year   The FT named “Capital in the Twenty First Century”  by Thomas Piketty as the 2014 Financial Times and McKInsey  Business Book of the Year.   The seven judges decided that that the “depth, ambition and influence” of the book touched “everything, from CEO pay to political unrest”.   For those of […]
  • Blog_picture_17_nov_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 17-Nov-2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets Highlights… US Equity markets ended higher last week; the  S&P 500 rose 0.39% during the week.   It is up 8.11% over the month,and 10.36% YTD.   Japan Equity Markets had another good week.  The Nikkei-225  was up 3.62% during the week, up 20% last month and up 7.36% YTD.   […]
  • oil_picture_for_blog_Nov_27_2014
    Two Articles that Give Clarity on What Cheaper Oil Means
    Two good articles on the situation in the oil markets. November 26, 2014 The first article is a pretty straightforward “who wins and who loses” essay written by the well known economist Martin Feldstein, and the essay appears on a very interesting website www.project-syndicate.org.    The essay is entitled “The Geopolitics of Cheap Oil”. It is […]
  • bloomberg_FI_cert
    Interesting articles on Bloomberview.com 15-Nov-2014
    A couple of interesting reads on Bloombergview.com “Markets, Lies and Garbage”. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-11-25/markets-lies-and-garbage You usually don’t get soft opinions from Barry Ritholz.   And here is a colourful rant by the Bloombergview contributor who laments the following… The quality of (financial/investing/market) debate and discussion is declining People cherry pick statistics to prove their point (a variation of […]
  • Blog_Nov_10_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 10-Nov-2014
    The Week Ahead in the Markets US Equities:  The US markets ended higher last week; DJIA +1.2%, S&P500 +0.8% and NASDAQ was down 0.12%. Key Data: US Nonfarm Payrolls rose 214,000 and the unemployment rate fell to 5.8% in October.  The figures were pretty good, although somewhat below the “whisper figures” the day before the […]
  • photo_for_blog_nov_3_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 03-November-2014
    US equities did well:  the DJIA +3.48%, S&P500 +2.72% and NASDAQ +2.87% But the big winner last week was Japan:  Japanese equity markets were sharply higher on the surprised BOJ announcement on Friday, up over 7% for the week. Several Factors are sending very bullish Signals to the markets, despite these lofty levels, especially in […]
  • iMFblog
    Last Week's Market Volatility is Here to Stay, it was not an isolated event 23-October 2014
    Mohamed A. El-Erian in a Bloomberg view report on October 20th reflected on the recent market volatility and offered 4 lessons to be learned…. His article is here… http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2014-10-20/4-lessons-of-a-wild-market-week   The four lessons he describes are summarized below. It doesn’t take much to several dislocate markets, both down and up. Liquidity is elusive when you […]
  • FRB_for_blog_Oct_20_2014
    A Picture of the Global Economy - 11 Charts by the SF Fed 20-Oct-2014
    SF Fed’s View of the World..   The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, in the research section of their website, give a quick update on the global economy by showing the world in 11 charts. They include a few forecasts in their charts as well.  Here is the view of the SF Fed. The […]
  • photo_for_blog_oct_20_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 20-Oct-2014
    Last week in Equity Markets DJIA +0.36% S&P500 +0.6% NASDAQ +0.2%   Europe -1.2% Japan -2.5%   China -1% Hong Kong -0.5% Indonesia +2% (!!) Singapore -1% BSE Sensex -1.04%   Markets are still oversold, data coming out this week should be generally favourable for the markets, and if the China data comes out favourably […]
  • Blog_Bloomberg-Charts
    What Happened on October 15, 2014?
    What Happened on October 15?   Bloomberg wrote a very interesting article describing what happened on that day in the US Treasury market.  The title of the article, that makes a reference to Michael Lewis latest book (“Flash Boys”), is “Flash Boys Raise Volatility in Wild New Treasury Market”.    Here is the link to the […]
  • photo_for_blog_oct_13_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 13-Oct-2014
    The week Ahead in the Markets 13-Sep 2014 Last Week Equities 1. “Worst Week for S&P and Nasdaq since 2012” – CNBC.com (-3% last week) 2. Another bad week for European Markets -4% 3. Japan is not spared -2.6% for the week 4. Rest of the World Also gets hit hard: only markets up last […]
  • photo_for_blog_sep_29_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 29-Sep-2014
    So far this month in Equities US equities have been mixed over the month; DJIA +0.09%, S&P500  down 1.02% and NASDAQ  down 0.7% European markets higher (+1.5%) so far this month How about the UK markets? -2.5% for the month, very little post-Referendum euphoria Japan has had a good month +5%   So far this […]
  • photo_for_blog_sep_23_2014
    Venture Capitalists are really Human 23-Sep-2014
    Mortal Inspiration from the Gods of Venture Capital by Ashby Monk   Ashby Monk is a blogger on sovereign and pension funds since 2008, he is an executive director of the Global Projects Center at Stanford University and a senior research associate at the University of Oxford.    He has a very interesting blog. You can […]
  • photo_for_Blog_sep_21_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 21-Sep-2014
    The week ahead in Markets 21-September-2014 Last week in Equity Markets… US markets were higher last week; DJIA +1.72%, S&P500 +1.25% and NASDAQ +0.76% European markets higher (+1.34%) on spillover from Referendum, expectations of more ECB action How were the UK markets? +0.45% for the week, unclear if the referendum euphoria will carryover Japan had […]
  • photo_for_blog_sep_15_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 15-Sep-2014
    Equity Markets Last week US Equity markets were down last week, but up for the month; DJIA -0.87%, S&P500 -1% and NASDAQ -0.5% over the past wee3k European markets drifted lower during the week (-1.5%) UK Markets were Volatile ahead of the Scotland vote on the 18th A few exceptions to the declines were China […]
  • MF_BLog
    Advice from the guy in the Goodfellas Movie 10-Sep-2014
    Advice from one of the guys from the Goodfellas movie   One of the more curious interviews we saw on www.cnbc.com recently was with Michael Franzese, a former Colombo crime family in NY.  He was visiting Singapore last month on a speaking tour, as he has now become a lecturer and motivational speaker.    He spent […]
  • photo_for_blog_sep_8_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 8-Sep-2014
    Last week  Equities US Equity markets started September higher;  for the week, the DJIA was +0.23%, S&P500 was +0.22% and NASDAQ was +0.18%. Meanwhile European markets did well after the ECB Announcement Thursday  ending up +3.26% for the week.  The other equity markets also benefitted from the ECB announcement as well as reports of a  […]
  • photo_for_blog_aug_24_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 24-Aug-2014
    Equities last week US Equity markets end last week higher; DJIA +2%, S&P500 +1.71% and NASDAQ +1.64% Europe Ended the Week higher as well +2% Asia markets also rallied; India Markets also post gains +1.56% during the week Fixed Income Last Week UST 10-yr yield ended the week at 2.40%. Fed Chair Janet Yellen speech […]
  • Putin
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 18-Aug-2014
    Equity Markets Last week US markets end the week higher:  DJIA +0.66%, S&P500 +1.22% and NASDAQ +2.56% European Markets up 0.7% for the Week, despite a nearly 1% fall on Friday Japan Markets end +3.65% for the week, but still down nearly 5% YTD India Market Also ends the week up 2.6%   Fixed Income […]
  • Russia_Flag_Blog_11_Aug_2014
    IMF Blog - the impact of Russian Sanctions on Europe 12-Aug-2014
    Europe’s Russian Connections   The IMF Direct Blog carries an interesting short article written by economists Aasim M. Husain, Anna Ilyina and Li Zeng about the impact of Russian sanctions on European economies. Their conclusion is as follows…. “We find that Eastern European countries have the closest links with Russia and some of them could […]
  • picture_for_blog_11_aug_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 11-Aug-2014
    The Week Ahead in the Markets 11-Aug-2014 Last week… Equities US markets end the week higher; DJIA +0.76%, S&P500 +0.59% and NASDAQ +0.4%. The market  was generally lower last week (Following the previous week’s struggle), but on Friday it received some reprieve from news of easing tensions in Ukraine.   European Markets down 2% for […]
  • Blog_photo_Aug6_2014
    Diversification Actually Works -- the 4% reason 6-Aug-2014
    An interesting blog on Diversification   This one is a good read…. http://www.noahpinionblog.blogspot.sg/ (scroll down a couple of entries to find the one called “Un-diversification: Kind of Investor Biases”..though the two newer entries “Nerds vs the Empire” and “Schiff vs Shedlock” are entertaining as well). Or if you prefer to read his views on Bloomberg… […]
  • photo_for_blog_aug_4_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 4-Aug-2014
    The Week Ahead  4-August-2014 Equities   Why did the market sell off last week?  A few reasons emerged, so it was a mixture of these reasons that contributed to the very weak Thursday and disappointing Friday, in the US equity markets.   Some variation of “Market overpriced/need of a correction/its in a bubble” Fed going […]
  • motif_investing
    Trending in the Markets, according to Motif Investing 29-July-2014
    Whats Performing well in the markets these days, according to MOTIF INVESTING?   We had written a while back about the website www.motifinvesting.com, which allowed investors to create their own thematic “Funds” (or basket of stocks, or ETFS) to represent an idea they were interested in.   IN addition to interesting thematic ideas, there were also […]
  • house_pic_for_blog_July_24_2014
    IMF now Monitoring the Housing Market on a Website 24-July-2014
    The IMF launched a Global Housing Watch website in order to “Track developments in housing markets around the world.”   It provides current data on housing prices as well as metrics used to assess valuation in housing markets, such as house price-to-rent and house price-to-income ratios. Here is the link to the website, by the way… […]
  • photo_for_blog_july_21_2014
    The Week Ahead in the Markets - 21-July 2014
    The Week Ahead – July 21, 2014   The U.S. equity markets ended relatively flat for the week,  despite plunging on Thursday related to geo-political issues (MAS flight plus Israeli offensive in Gaza).  Google results Friday (stock rose 3.9%) helped the recovery as well.   Other stock markets also ended the week positively, except for […]
  • Blog_Bloomberg-Charts
    Is the Market Too Complacent? 11-June-2014
    Is the Market too Confident or too Complacent?   “Things mean-revert. A thing is away from its mean. Therefore that thing will mean-revert. Soon and horribly.” (Matt Levine, Bloomberg)   Two of our favourite Bloomberg columnists, Mohamed El-Erian and Matt Levine, write about the low levels of the VIX (“an index that tracks investors’ expectations […]
  • Blog_photo_june_9_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets -- 9 June 2014
    The week Ahead in the Markets – 9 June 2014 Equities US equities ended the week on a positive note, benefitting from a favourable US employment report, which finally confirmed the gradually improvement in the US economy (and confirms the fact that a lot of the weakness in Q1 may have been weather related). The […]
  • blog_IMF_picture
    Taper Tantrum: rising US interest rates and how it affects Emerging Markets. – 4 June 2014
    Taper Tantrum: rising US interest rates and how it affects Emerging Markets. – June 2, 2014 The IMF, in their April Regional Outlook for the Western Hemisphere, examined the impact of a sudden change in U.S. interest rates on financial markets in emerging markets economies. Although emerging markets have reduced their exposure to US interest […]
  • blog_photo_june_2_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets -- 2 June 2014
    The Week Ahead in the Markets, 2-Jun-2014   Equities S&P500 ended May at record highs (4th month of gains), despite a weaker consumer spending report for April. Eurostoxx600 modestly higher (+0.6% on the week). BNP shares sold off sharply on reports of the $10 bln fine from US authorities. Basic resources sector also hit on […]
  • blog_gnome
    South Park, Gnomes and tech companies -- a view -- 26-May-2014
    An interesting read on Tech Companies… It is impressive that someone can associate gnomes who steal underpants, the cartoon TV show South Park and the equity market, and make a strong point about the possibility of a tech bubble (well, more explicitly a tech bubble burst).  But Grant Williams (author of “Things That Make You […]
  • FT_logo
    Unconstrained and Ukraine -- 22-May-2014
    Unconstrained and Ukraine May 22, 2014   One of the recurring themes in the bond fund world this year has been the advantages of an “unconstrained bond fund”, the ones that can invest anywhere, and not “constrained” by a specific bond benchmark.  Weren’t they called Total Return Funds before?  They are used interchangeably, it seems. […]
  • blog_photo_may_21_2014
    Long Term Unemployment is about Economic Bad Luck -- 21 May-2014
    Long Term Unemployment is about Economic Bad Luck”… (Matt O’Brien, the Washington Post)   Occasionally we look at Paul Krugman’s blog (http://krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/ ) as he tends to make for interesting reading, and frequently is quite controversial.  However, this time he commented on an article written by Matt O’Brien from the Washington Post, addressing one of […]
  • BLog_May_18_2014_photo
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 18-May-2014
    4 Most Equity Markets Mixed Last week… US equity markets finish strong on Friday, but ended lower for the week.  There was a mixture of good news and bad news….. The Good news: Housing starts (+13.2%), Nordstroms and JC Penney earnings. The Bad news: Lower Consumer Confidence, Darden Restaurants weak earnings, low volume in market […]
  • motif_investing
    An Interesting Idea - Motif Investing 14-May-2014
    An interesting idea….. A news article that caught our attention was a report last week Friday that JP Morgan was investing $35 mln in www.motifinvesting.com, and earlier they had raised money from Goldman Sachs.  We took a look at the website, and found it very interesting, as it allows the individuals to invest in themes […]
  • Blog_May_11_photo
    The Week Ahead in Markets-- 11-May-2014
    The Week Ahead So far….YTD: DJIA (.DJI) +0.45%; S&P500 (.SPX) +2%; NASDAQ (.IXIC) -2%     (chart from CNBC.COM) Other markets YTD…. Philippines +17% Jakarta +15% India +8.77% Singapore +4.2% Europe +2.68% Australia +2% Shanghai -5% Hong Kong -5.35% Japan -12.5%   U.S. gains on Friday driven by Health care and consumer discretionary, with some […]
  • money_pic_for_blog
    Controversies about Hedge Fund Managers 2013 Compensation Tables -- 8-May-2013
    Hedge Fund Manager Compensation Tables…..   One of our favourite columnists is Matt Levine on Bloomberg. He wrote an interesting article about hedge fund managers compensation (“Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers Made Money the Old-Fashioned Way”), discussing recent newspaper headlines which could be basically summarized by this one “TOP HEDGE FUND MANAGERS MADE $21.5 BLN, UP […]
  • Untitled
    Worrying About the Weather and El Nino - 6-May-2014
    (source: wikimedia.org)   Get used to these pictures…. Soc Gen’s  monthly  publication “Commodity Compass” addresses the weather in their 24-April Commodity focus report.   They point out that the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has declared “El Nino” watch, and warn that there is a possibility that the event could even rival the 1997-98 […]
  • Big_Charts_S_P500
    The Week Ahead in the Markets-- 4-May-2014
    The Week Ahead…   Equities start strong then fade… The U.S. market started strong on Friday after a positive response to the U.S. April Employment report.  The sell off began after Ukraine situation worsened (Russia called for UN security council meeting) and traders began focus on the low participation rate in the employment report and […]
  • capital
    Capital in the 21st Century - the Book Thomas Picketty Wrote - 30-April-2014
    Piketty’s Book   “Whether or not one is convinced by Mr. Piketty’s data—and there are reasons for skepticism, given the author’s own caveats and the fact that many early statistics are based on extremely limited samples of estate tax records and dubious extrapolation—is ultimately of little consequence. For this book is less a work of […]
  • blog_photo_april_28
    The Week Ahead in the Markets -- 28-April-2014
    The week: S&P ends -0.1%;DJIA -0.3%; Nasdaq -0.5% The US equity market had a disappointing week, with big losses in Amazon and Pandora shares hurting tech stocks.  To a large extent, anxieties about Ukraine also weighed on the market… The headaches…. Amazon -9.88% on forecast of Q2 operating losses Pandora -16.63% on weak Q2 forecasts […]
  • Oaktree_Picture
    Successful Investing - Dare to Be Great, Part II - 22 April 2014
    Rules on Investing: Dare to be Great II “This just in: you can’t take the same actions as everyone else and expect to outperform.”  Howard Marks is the Chairman of Oaktree Capital, a top notch Alternatives Investment Firm.  He has also become well known for his thoughtful and well written memos on investing.   He wrote […]
  • Ukraine_flag
    A longer Read on the Ukraine Conflict -- An academic (and more thoughtful) perspective 17-April-2014
    A longer Read on Ukraine – “How to Save Ukraine” As tensions rise in Ukraine, you often look for articles that can give you a broader perspective beyond the short term global financial market interpretations of the issues; articles that offer some deeper insight into the dynamics of the conflict beyond the short term analysis […]
  • bill_gross
    The PIMCO Dilemma 16-April-2014
    The PIMCO Dilemma…   What does one do about the PIMCO total return fund, given all the negative news over the past six months?    The press, which until recently glorified Bill Gross & team at PIMCO, now seems to be  enjoying the downturn in the funds fortunes (i.e. performance), the massive redemptions, and the departure […]
  • A_corp_bond_index
    The Week Ahead in Markets -- 14-April-2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets 14-April 2014     Not a great week for the equity markets, in particular NASDAQ.     What Happened? The Equity market Sell off appears to be corrective, as underlying macroeconomic fundamentals have not changed that significantly.  Market commentary and data suggest a rather significant shift from momentum/growth/small cap stocks  […]
  • changi
    How Markets React to Fed Surprises....10 April 2014
    How does the market react to Fed actions and inactions?   One of the benefits of subscribing to the FT is its Alphaville section of interesting blogs and writings, and fortunately they send you an email with the most interesting updates on said blogs.   The most interesting one this week was called “Who bears […]
  • April_7_picture
    The Week Ahead in Markets -- 7 April 2014
    Markets Last week   Big US Equity Sell off on Friday.  Driven by the 2.8% declines in NASDAQ and the momentum stocks.  (Netflix, Tesla, Amazon, Priceline, Google, etc).  Techs had their worst day of the year.  S&P500 still ended up 0.4% for the week, while NASDAQ was  down 1.7%.. European Shares ended the week higher.  […]
  • Two_Sunrise_in_SGP_March_31_2014
    The Week Ahead in Markets - 31 March 2014
    The Week in Review….. Equities finish the week mixed.  US Equities were marginally lower (S&P500 -0.5% and NASDAQ -2.8%).   Europe Equities end higher (continental Europe +1.2%%, FTSE ended up 0.84% during the week), Asian shares were also higher across the board. Emerging Markets were up 1.9%. Positives for the market: improving US data (personal income […]
  • Japan
    The Week Ahead in Markets 24 March 2014
    The Week in Review Global Equities finished mostly higher last week: S&P500 +1.3%, Europe +1.8%, Shanghai +2.1%, even Russia +2.4% (though it is down 13% YTD).   It was a very volatile week, with Crimea, the Fed and China data moving the markets around.   Bonds: US Treasury yields backed up to 2.75%, UK, German yields […]
  • Ukraine_flag
    Interesting writings on Crimea, the Ukraine and Russia - 20 March 2014
    Update on Crimea…. There is a rather interesting newsletter we read on a weekly basis, part of the Mauldin Economics suite of commentary.  It has a rather original name, “Things that make you go hmm…” and it is written by Grant Williams.  In his latest piece, written last weekend, he gave some background on Crimea, […]
  • holi
    The Week Ahead in the Markets - 17 March 2014
    Last week in the markets….. Global Equity Markets trade lower last week mostly on China data weakness and concerns about Ukraine.   Most markets also down YTD: S&P500 -0.4%, Europe -4%, Nikkei-225 -12%, China -5%. US stocks also affected by 1.6 mln auto recall by GM, GM shares were down 9.6%. Financials down 2.5% due to […]
  • Botswana_ROad
    The Week Ahead in the Markets - 10 March 2014
    The Week Ahead 10 March 2014     5th Year of the Current Bull Market!   US and Asia equity markets ends the week higher last week, while Europe ended lower…..   The US Employment report was generally supportive of US Equities, as it gave confidence to the view that the recent softness in data […]
  • sunset
    The Week Ahead in the Markets - 3 March 2014
    A frustrating week for Markets Last week was a very frustrating and volatile week for financial markets, but  global equities ended on a positive note after a US employment report that had both positive and negative elements for the economic outlook. Equities… S&P500 was up 1.3% on Friday, ending the week up 0.8%. Europe was […]
  • oranges
    The Week Ahead in the Markets - 4 February 2014
    It was not a good start to the year for Global equity markets, as most of them were down considerably for the month of January.   The “least preferred asset class”, US Treasuries, actually performed quite well during the month, with the 10 year treasuries yield falling by 38 bps.   Despite the sell off, we believe […]
  • bloomberg_fi_cert
    The Week Ahead in the Markets - 27 January 2014
    Market Outlook Week of 27 January 2014   Most equities ended last week down:the FTSE All world -1.88%; S&P500 -2.09%; FTSE Euro -2.35%; Nikkei -1.94% Hang Seng -1.25% Shanghai +0.6%; Sensex +0.2%.   Meanwhile, the bond markets did a little better ; U.S. 10-yr Treasuries yields fell to 2.706%. JGBs. Bunds, Gilts also saw lower […]
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